~The Faerie Diaries~

Mystik Sacred Salve – CBD Oil


As a Massage Therapist I had to take several CEUs – continuing education classes (12 hours every 2 years) to keep my license afloat. One of my all thyme favourite courses was making herbal salves & macerations for my clients. For years I would create various herbal salves to use at home and for client-customer-friends. Last year, after watching a documentary on the benefits of using CBD oil, I was on a quest to find a pure, undiluted CBD oil to use in my salves. I discovered a full spectrum CBD oil that was soaked in pure hemp oil. I was struck with how effectively it worked for me. I knew that I wanted to create teas and salves with CBD oil and carry on what I had started as a faerie healer – the Lightworker side of who I am. Pulling from my apothecary cabinet of treasured oils, I created Mystik Sacred Salve. A soothing & powerful blend of Frankincense, Rose Absolute Essential Oils, Foraha / Tamanu Oil & Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Mystik Salve can be used from head to toe to nourish, soothe and alleviate pain. My CBD Salves  & Teas are also Reiki & crystal charged with my extra faerie touch. Even though I no longer practice massage, I enjoy comforting people with my intuitive faerie crafted potions, elixirs, teas and salves. If you would like more details and to shop for unique gift giving ideas, please visit my website. www.gypsyfaerie.com

Spellcrafted Perfumes


This is the thyme of year when I get swept up in good books and creating spectacular must-haves! Today my boxes of pretty bottles and oils will arrive! I am looking forward to lighting red candles, playing sultry music, sipping wine and magickally concocting beautiful, sensual perfume Oils. Cheers!


Faerie Reiki Energy Work For Women

visionaryfaerielightsI began my path of doing energy work before I even knew it was a thing. As a licensed Massage Therapist, I thoroughly enjoyed creating a soothing atmosphere for my clients. When I sensed that a client needed extra protection or encouragement, I would massage angel wing symbols on their back. When I sensed that they needed to feel centered and clear, I would use massage motions that symbolized tree roots, and flourishing leaves. I decided to look more into energy work and discovered Reiki. I became a student to learn the techniques and soon became a Reiki Teacher / Master.

I invite the Faeries, Angels, YOUR Guides, my guides & Divine Source to help create a high vibration setting for what best suits your specific needs & intentions for your Session. I like to use crystals, oils & candles. I will channel universal life force energy & delightful & intuitive faerie light work energy into your chakras. I will communicate any information I receive from Divine Source. I will also pull ONE oracle card at the end of your session for further insight on your path.

I am offering Reiki Sessions for women only.

Located in Downtown Houston.

Menu of Magickal Services

Services include complimentary valet parking + tea & light tasty treats.

FAERIE BLISS ~ Faerie Reiki Energy Work & Oracle Card Reading Session – with Sage, Crystals & Aromatherapy, Mini Oracle Card Reading. ~ Approximately  1 Hour  – 90.00

FAERIE CRAFT ~ Custom Spellwork  & Mini Oracle Card Reading Session with Candles, Herbs, Oils, Magickal Supplies provided. ~ Approximately 1 1/2 – 2 Hours – 122.00

APOTHEFAERIE CUPBOARD ~ Book a private & personal shopping appointment with me! Have a cup of tea and sample my unique faeriecrafted array of Enchanted Oils, Potions, Elixirs, Candles, Crystals, Teas, & Gifts. ~ 1 Hour private shopping & consultation ~ 22.00 minimum purchaseNo minimum purchase required if you book a service. 

Please use the contact form if you have any questions, or to book your session.

Hemptopia + CBD OIL Craze


Once upon a thyme, a hyper-minded visionary faerie needed to chill the fuk up. The end. I discovered the vast benefits of Hemp-derived CBD Oil Cannabidiol  after watching a fascinating documentary. I watched a little girl who was tormented with seizures start to have calmer days and peaceful nights. Her parents were over the Moon. It was because they were trying something unconventional and regularly giving her CBD Oil. I watched a middle aged woman heal her sick body from the inside out because she consistently took CBD Oil along with her other treatments. It made sense to me that something that could grow so easily and naturally on our Earth could be the antidote to so many issues. I started my own personal research wanting to find a pure CBD Oil that I could use for myself and also put in my herbal enchantments. I came across several CBD Oil companies, read the reviews, looked at the ingredients, but none of them felt right for me. I would take a break from my search and play around in other things. But recently I came across a post talking about the benefits of CBD Oil. It stirred my spirit once again.

CBD Oil can help with:

Hormonal / emotional mood swings, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, migraines, inflammation, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, crohn’s disease, celiac disease, autism, ADD/ADHD, asthma, diabetes, PTSD, Heart Disease, to name a few…

I have finally found a CBD Oil company that has impressed me. I have been using it consistently and reaping the benefits.  And now I am going to be using this CBD Oil in my faerie crafted ointments, teas and potions! I am also now an affiliate / vendor and stoked to have CBD Oil accessible to my client, customer – friends!

CBD Oil is THC-free it will NOT get you high and it is totally legal to consume and sell! If you would like more information, moon beam me up with a message below!

Faerie Dust 101

Let me tell you about the real faerie dust. It’s not made from glitter and unicorn sparkles. It’s created from backbone marrow and moxie. Wee faeries have seen some mirthless grim in our day, but we don’t make a spectacular spectacle out of it. Truth is, we have died several quiet deaths. And then we merge from the warm, wet earth with roots in one hand, and fire in the other. We unfurl our wings like an invisible banner that reads: Believe